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Titanfall 2’s Darling “Effect and Cause”

Titanfall 2’s terrific campaign has gotten a lot of love as the years have gone by. Especially it’s time warping level “Effect and Cause”. Today we’ll talk about it’s other standout levels that deserve some attention too. Although 5 years old, I will issue a spoiler warning as we will be covering the levels in depth with light story implications. If you’ve been planning to play this game then maybe avoid reading until you have, if not then maybe we can convince you otherwise.


Before studio Respawn hit video game pay dirt with Apex Legends, they worked on the…

Nintendo inflamed fans with their most recent trailer of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2. Fan speculation became rampant when they saw the shot of Link falling down the sky towards some floating islands. Many noticed how similar looking the game was compared to Skyward Sword.

Another year, another E3. “Christmas for Gamers” is back again and I am here to share my predictions of what will be shown. One of my favorite things about E3 is the fun rampant speculation and hopes of gamers to see long dormant games comeback or news of big blockbuster announcements. From safe bets to pie in the sky thinking, read on below to see what I think will surprise us during E3.

A Safe Bet

Everyone who plays them, knows how most RPG battle systems work. You use you attack as much as you can until you need to defend and heal when needed. Rinse and repeat for many mediocre battle systems. Really great battle systems challenge the player to think in and out battle. What moves are they making in battle and how are they building their party outside of it. Octopath Traveler has all the markings for a great RPG that challenges the player, tactically and strategically through it’s stellar battle system.


Octopath Traveler is a turn based RPG first released in 2018…

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